Chapter 3. Userland interfaces

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VBlank event handling

The DRM core exports several interfaces to applications, generally intended to be used through corresponding libdrm wrapper functions. In addition, drivers export device-specific interfaces for use by userspace drivers & device-aware applications through ioctls and sysfs files.

External interfaces include: memory mapping, context management, DMA operations, AGP management, vblank control, fence management, memory management, and output management.

Cover generic ioctls and sysfs layout here. We only need high-level info, since man pages should cover the rest.

VBlank event handling

The DRM core exposes two vertical blank related ioctls:


This takes a struct drm_wait_vblank structure as its argument, and it is used to block or request a signal when a specified vblank event occurs.


This should be called by application level drivers before and after mode setting, since on many devices the vertical blank counter is reset at that time. Internally, the DRM snapshots the last vblank count when the ioctl is called with the _DRM_PRE_MODESET command, so that the counter won't go backwards (which is dealt with when _DRM_POST_MODESET is used).